We hope that you find the information within this site useful and instructive.  Most of the information deals with Private Club accounting and tax issues, an area that has been a focus of our work for over 20 years.


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To educate professionals serving the Private Club Industry by way of Club specific publications, seminars and consulting engagements. 

Mitchell L. Stump is a former IRS Revenue Agent and a practicing CPA located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, with 35 years of tax experience.  He has consulted with the Club Industry since 1992 and is recognized as an Industry leader, being called upon to speak to and write for Club related groups and Club specific publications.  Supported by his two full time employees, Amanda & Jessica, Mitch hopes to provide answers to most of your Club accounting and tax questions.  

Mitch is the author of several publications dealing with tax, accounting and Member turnover issues specific to Club.

Honorary member of the Club Managers Association of America, FL Chapter; Member of Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals; Member of AICPA Tax Division.